Sunday, August 13, 2006

danish design shop

: : after posting about danish design company rice I got a hot tip from my design friend .tina. she shared her favorite danish design store with me. stilleben, I'm assuming it is in Copenhagen [.tina. any info on that?]. a shop run by two young female danish designers. they sell beautiful ceramics but are also just about to release their own line of ceramics this fall. i'll keep you all updated on that.

if you're traveling to denmark, maybe you have the chance to stop by? it looks like a wonderful little store.


Tina Andersson said...

Stilleben is located in Copenhagen, on there website they have a map.

Ines said...

We just spent a week in Copenhagen (got back last night) and the store is
indeed a wonderful place. Our friend Tina schlepped me there over the
weekend, as it is one of her favourite places to shop for new plates,
cups, salad bowls, etc. They have an excellent collection of ceramics
and I especially like the collection of Anne Black (check out her
website at The shop is located in the center of
Copenhagen on Laederstraede 14, close to the main shopping street.

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