Sunday, August 20, 2006

wall art

: : wonderful design.tina. passed along this link to Swedish wall art company .wonder wall.
wonder wall wants to change how the Swedish people [svenska folket] decorate their homes one wall at a time, by making art affordable and accessible to everyone.

: : wall decals are becoming more and more popular. Swedish company .form and function. has a great selection of vinyl decals. some come as one piece and some consist of several pieces and you choose the layout of the pieces. read about how they work, form and function


Lina said...

Wonderwall is fantastic. makes me proud of being swedisch citzen. like your blog!

Isabelle said...

wow! vilken fin och rolig blogg! (Gissar att du kan svenska) :-)

ozgur alaz said...

Vinlys seems so cool

Cat's Experiment said...

love this site, you've really picked some great stuff to post. Keep it up! the vinyl not-wallpaper is the best. anyone know if someone in Sydney stocks it? :-)