Friday, September 08, 2006

pillow madness

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: : fall is here, there is no point in trying to deny it anymore. I love the summer, but I'm very thankful for our seasons. and there are things to look forward too about the fall. for example, cuddling up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa after a long day at work. so, in that spirit, I thought I would suggest some pillows to spice up your favorite comfy spot.

i tried to pick pillows that would represent a broad spectrum. please visit the sites for many, many more choices.

above are pillows, variegated, by designer .corbett marshall and jim deskevich. my personal favorites because of the bold colors.


in the category of most affordable I think IKEA almost always wins. here are pillows bettan blom and bettan figur. so much fun, and so colorful!


inhabit has one of the largest collections of pillows. and YOU can be their next designer for their pillows. their "softer side of design" competition for new pillow patterns is going on right now. 36 more days left to enter! visit their website for more information.

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i've mentioned swigg before. a lovely place to be! these are their swigg snoozers, with different fabrics and patterns on each side of the pillow.

I found this Danish apparel company that also has a home collection via, called .day birger et mikkelsen. great selection of pillows!

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greener grass design is one of my favorite places to shop online. they have a small, but wonderful selection of pillows. these are called amenity. perfect for the fall, rich colors and organic, natural patterns.


sandra said...

aah vilka fina saker du länkar till.

jojemud said...

Thank you for your beautiful presentation on Pillows. I am a designer too so I really appreciate stuff like this. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect pillows and there are just so many choices out there! These are wonderful!