Thursday, February 01, 2007

graphic content exhibit

: : I had the opportunity to visit the .contemporary art center in Cincinnati. while I was out there for a couple of days last week. their current graphic content exhibit is amazing!!! .charley harper., .malcolm grear. and .ryan mcGinness. all wonderful artist who's work i have encountered before but I wasn't familar with each individual artist. I especially fell for charley harper's work. so much humor, curiosity, playfulness and of course, attention to detail. above are some of my favorite pieces. it's really worth seeing these in person because you need to be up close and look at it for a while to notice all the details. notice the frog eating a smaller frog?

I also like the wonderful organic, flowing forms of .ryan mcGinness. you might already be familiar with his "icon language".

I'm off for this years only weekend of skiing! let's hope for some snow at least....
back next week! have a great weekend!

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Frida said...

Vilken underbar utställning!!