Friday, March 23, 2007


: : as a nice gesture when I was upgraded to a flat screen monitor at work, .doug. set my web homepage to . they always have interesting articles, but there was one that was particularly interesting as it is so relative to myself and my profession. the article is about women's influence on Swedish industrial design. through the article I connected with .folkform., a Swedish design company started by two young women, .anna holmquist. and .chandra ahlsell. they experiment with adding organic pieces to raw materials, such as masonite. above you can see images of plants and butterflies pressed into masonite boards, and glimpses of the production process.

In the article .anna holmquist. talks about an emotional approach to design.
“Our masonite project is an example of emotional, but also innovative design. Traditionally the Swedish industrial design scene has been very much about functionality and engineering. Now it’s more about bringing emotional and human values to products.”

Read the entire article here.

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