Monday, April 30, 2007

swedish magazines online

: : ...... I was in heaven when a friend of mine directed me to a Swedish site .tidningar. where you can browse every page of every Swedish design magazine you could imagine....and many, many first I thought they uploaded every issue, but I couldn't understand how that could even be possible or legal for that matter. but it turns out it's a site to promote Swedish magazines that might be fairly unknown to some or hard to find. you can browse one full issue of each magazine, but that's it. and if you are interested in subscribing, they will direct you. it is still a wonderful place to be!! a great site.tidningar.

so go ahead...browse!


Hannele said...

Bra, man ju inte köpa och prenumerera på allt..

cleo said...

Vilkeet bra tips! Jag gick genast in och kolladeoch har ny skrivit ett inlägg om det jag också, med länk till Dig! Tack för tipset!

Anonymous said...

Fantastiskt! tusen tack!


Michelle Campbell Art said...

Thank you for posting this great Blog!