Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sexy bikes

: : habitat have had lots of great articles lately, among many others is the .top 6 sexiest cycles. I am a bicycle commuter, I love my bike. well, I love biking, and I love the freedom you have with a bike...... but I don't love my bike. I'm riding Iz's old mountain bike. it's not built for the city, and it has no giant basket where I can put my groceries. so, I've started saving up for my dreambike, and I think I'm getting closer and closer in my search.

check out this .fisher simply city bike. and below .the boston roadster. a custom made bike made by Mike at a.n.t. what a beauty!


AnnaA said...

Superbra cykel! :)

13mimosa said...

To me it looks as if they should have a lovely wicker basket on the front.