Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend update

: : it's been a wonderful weekend here in Boston! I've been doing some baking, spending lots of time with my Swedish friends and doing some work from home. and this morning we woke up to a few inches of fresh snow outside!! I love this city in the winter, and we've had so much more snow this year than last.

oh, and I've been meaning to share pics of the ornaments I made before christmas. a hot tip from .lauren and derek. on d*sponge's DIY section. super easy to make and they do so much for the room. we have a set of green and gold ones in another room. and I wanted to share this cute story. after I posted the link to the ornaments, my lovely friend .tina. in Sweden happened to send a link for to her sister, who is a first grade teacher. her sister was looking for a project for her first year class, and ended up making these ornaments! to think that they made it all the way into a first year class room in Gothenburg Sweden. I love that!


Frida said...

Hej det var inte igår, kollade igenom gamla inlägg och kom på att jag kanske borde meddela att jag slutar nu. Kika gärna in på bloggen så får du möta dem som ska ta över efter mig. said...

Frida! gud vad kul att höra från dig! Lycka till på det nya jobbet!