Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the greener things in life


i heart green. I have always tried to be environmentally conscious, maybe moving to the US from Sweden made me even more aware. habits that were part of the everyday in Sweden, didn't even seem to occur to people here in America. and we've all hear about global warming and gas prices every day now, and we all know that there are things that we can do to help. but sometimes you need a little kick in the butt. and that's what I got last week, when a .lovely lady. at work introduced me to this short video.

it's called .the story of stuff.

you might have seen it already, but if you haven't, I encourage you to watch it and to share it with your friends and family. it's simple and easy to understand which makes the information accessible to everyone. it shocked me, but more importantly inspired me to do more. and in this case, doing more means using less.

I am sharing this with everyone because the environment and our current situation here on earth is a very important cause to me. and I have the power through this blog to influence others. so, I have made the decision to focus more of my blogging efforts towards .the greener things in life. as I set out to educate myself about greener options for my lifestyle, I look forward to sharing it with you.

below is a good list to start with. .10 things you can do. to save on energy and resources.


alis said...

Oh, this is exactly one of the reasons why I have such a big crush on Swedes. I was just talking to my friend the other way about how the Swedes were much more progressed compared to the rest of the world in forms of design, life quality, low crime-rates etc. Than my friend suggested: Isn't japan way ahead, with their technology and all? I said NO, because the difference of Sweden compared to other developed countries is that they have made all these progresses in harmony with the earth. Honestly, I admire you people (and hope to live there at some point in my life).

red.house said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment! You are too cute! It's so encouraging when people outside of Sweden appreciate and understand our country and culture. To be honest, I don't even think about many of the things you write about, it becomes part of the every day, which is why, it's so refreshing when someone else reminds you about all the wonderful things about Sweden. I miss it! and I hope, one day, you'll get the opportunity to live there...and I hope I will too again soon.

Sylvie said...

Thanks for sharing this. Two things jumped out at me:
The most toxic food in the world is BREAST MILK and that 6 months after purchase only 1% of the goods are in use, ie. 99% is trashed.
I have always maintained a lifestyle of rescue and re-use (I have a used furniture business), and even PRE-cycling (look it up on Wikipedia).
Thanks again :)