Monday, September 15, 2008


: : I went to .trader joe's. [my favorite neighborhood grocery store] today on my way home and didn't have a backpack or a bag with me. I felt guilty about using yet another doubled-up-paper-bag. it will never happen again because I just bought a .baggu bag. [in hot pink]. and it will live in my purse for all those unexpected trips to the grocery store.

if you haven't already boycotted plastic it now!!


Anonymous said...

Syster! Jag vill ha Baggu! Jag har bara min whyred-kasse att handla och den glömmer jag alltid eller så räcker den inte till. Kan du ta med ett gäng hem till mig? Jag kommer nämligen upp till L-ping för att träffa dig.
Imorgon ska jag på intervju - whish me luck!

SierraMoon said...

we've had in France (got rid of the ugly grocery plactic bags ). it's been a few years now... and it is such a good thing !

sa said...