Tuesday, September 09, 2008

finally home

: : Sweden and back. then Switzerland and back. and now finally home in Boston again. I'm sorry that it's been so quiet here.

I haven't had much time to find inspiration to share, apart from the photos from my vacation, which I still look through every other day or so. from top left. my parent's own little red.house [it is adorable], two typical fishing villages on the Swedish westcoast and a delicious Swedish meal, strömming [a type of fish] with potatoes and raw lingonberries. yum!


Polly said...

I love your Sweden posts - hope to visit there some day. Welcome back.

alis said...

Welcome back,your Sweden posts are worth waiting during your absence.

I gave you a little *i love your blog* award, I hope you don't mind!

red.house said...

thank you thank you ladies!! happy to be back! I'll share more Sweden photos and inspiration throughout the coming weeks.

alis, thank you for your blog love note. you have a wonderful blog, thanks for sharing it with me!

kristinmadesimple said...

your pictures from Sweden are gorgeous! i find myself really inspired by swedish design (maybe because it's my homeland-my grandmother's parents emigrated to the US from Sweden). i also loved the skona hem magazine (could not read a word but LOVED looking at all the pics) :)

Trífora said...

The third pic looks like it's taken from the bridge of Grundsund! My roots =D /Amanda Englund