Thursday, October 16, 2008

searching for sheets

: : with the past 3day weekend, we tried to make some progress on the apartment. the bedroom is closest to being finished. although there was a small disaster this weekend trying to get our curtains up (I was swearing in Swedish on Monday night).

we've been searching for sheets for a while now but are struggling to find what we want. ideally we'd like them to be organic cotton, we want to stay away from the white, and I'd love a bold pattern like the one above in gold, from .dwell studio. I've also taken a fancy for a particular.amy butler fabric., which I think has the perfect color combination for our bedroom. making a quilt is much too ambitious although I love the one in the photos. but maybe I could make my own duvet cover in this fabric?

if anyone has suggestions/ideas for places to find sheets, please leave me a comment.


josephine said...

i've always been drawn to the bedding from area (, but i also like the bold choices from porridge ( and twinkle ( unison has some nice organic bedding ( the amy butler fabric you chose is great. i made a reversible swing bag from it, and i get compliments all the time. maybe you could make a reversible duvet cover with it, too? said...

thanks so much for all your great suggestions and ideas! I will look into all those options.