Thursday, July 23, 2009

back in the country

: : hello : : I am back from vacation. I hope you have had a great summer so far. vacation was lovely! absolutely amazing! I have so many photos I'd like to share but I am still working on organizing them. I also have some great news to share....Iz and I are engaged!!

I'll be back after the weekend with photos. have a great weekend!
photos above from flickr .here.


chelsea said...

Congrats!!! Can't wait to see photos. I am heading to Sweden in a couple of weeks!! It will be my first visit.

cassaundra said...

congratulations on the engagement! how wonderful!

Anonymous said...


tiffany / from sthlm said...

I'm just catching up on blogs and came across your news. Huge congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing your vacay pics. I'm heading back to Sweden on Friday and can't wait.

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