Tuesday, July 28, 2009

monkey luv

: : this is our new friend, the monkey guy, in fact we have two. my grandmother passed away last summer, and she and my grandfather had so much style. they had all the latest design furniture and products when they were young. these wooden monkeys have become something of a design icon for Denmark, designed by Kay Bojesen. My grandmother had 3, I inherited 2. I love how playful they are and they have so much character. I spotted them in the window in these lovely photos by .sasa antic. (via emmas).
any suggestions for names for our 2 new friends?


Jette K said...

We also have one of these, which we love very much. For Christmas he always wears a ribbon round his neck, tied into a bow. Here in Denmark the monkey became especially famous because of a tv show in the 60s where it was the mascot. Here's a picture where you can see it. :-)


Jette K said...


HERE'S the picture!!

Sorry - Jette

Adam said...

How about Monkey "See" and Monkey "Do"?

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