Tuesday, September 01, 2009

lotta in the Stockholm subway

: : .Lotta Kühlhorn., is one of my favorite Swedish designers. I like that she draws inspiration from root vegetables and that there are always lots of colors. Her patterns are currently being exhibited in the subway in Stockholm. According to their homepage Stockholm’s Metro is said to be the longest art exhibition in the world - 110 km long.

photos and information from .tiffany. at .from sthlm.

oh, the Boston T......if only....


chelsea said...

OOOH. Do you know which subway stop? I am staying near Stockholm for the next few months and I'd love to check it out. She's one of my favorites!

red.house said...

I don't know which stop unfortunately. maybe there is a way you can find out by contacting Stockholm's metro?
Hope you find it. Enjoy Stockholm!

tiffany @ fromsthlm said...

hi chelsea!
there are exhibits at zinkensdamm, fridhemsplan and slussen. I actually took these photos and if I remember correctly, I think it might have been zinkensdamm. Happy exploring!

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