Sunday, January 17, 2010

beantown beanshare

: : On thursday night, I attended the .SHIFT Boston. awards ceremony at the .Boston ICA museum. 

.katie. & .morgan. (two architecture friends) and I have started a local project called .beantown beanshare. Our project was one of 18 finalist (out of 142 submissions) in the SHIFT Boston competition.

.beantown beanshare. is an urban garden share program aimed at matching would-be gardeners who have no place to plant a garden with neighbors who have unused outdoor space. we even provide easy instructions for how to get started so that anyone, even those with no gardening experience, can learn to grow their own vegetables. connects gardeners and land hosts in just 3 easy steps! Our slogan "pairing eager hands with idle land" will make our city's greenspaces and ourselves more productive and healthy.

We are in the processing of building our website, and are hoping to be up and running in a few weeks. If you would like to stay in touch with us and be notified when we launch the full website, please sign up on our email list. Visit

Please help us spread the word about .beantown beanshare.!


Wishful Nals said...

i live in beantown, and i think this is neat! xo

Mai said...

omg, Anna! this is an amazing idea! congrats on the award. so excited to see this up and running!


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