Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rörstrand kulinara

: : .hanna werning. my current favorite swedish pattern designer, has designed a new line of dishes for Swedish china company .Rörstrand. called .kulinara.

I have a special love for Rörstrand as it used to be the center of the town where I grew up, Lidköping. The production was happening there up until just a few years ago when they moved it to China. Rörstrand was the reason we moved to Lidköping in the first place when my Dad took a job with the company. When the production was moved to Hungary and Sri Lanka, my dad decided together with a few other investors to buy up all the land and facilities of the factory. Today, the area has been developed into a design and culture center. The Rörstrand museum and shop still exists, shops and offices have moved into the old production facilities. And a great restaurant and skybar have been built in the center of the grounds. .Strand. restaurant and .Rymd. bar is most definitely worth a visit if you are traveling through Lidköping or live closeby.


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I possess a specific adore for Rörstrand since it utilized to turn out to be the center in the local community in which I grew up, Lidköping. The production was happening there up right up until just relatively a few many years ago.

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