Friday, April 09, 2010

wish list item no. 2

: : I drink A LOT of tea. in fact, I think I'm a tea addict. especially on rainy days like today. I think I've had 4 cups of green tea already. The .one tea kettle. by .vessel ideation. is not only beautiful in terms of form and graphics it is also extremely functional since it can go directly from being heated on the stove to the serving tray. this would significantly improve my tea drinking process which right now involves 3-4 steps.I'm adding this to my wish list.
(via d*sponge)


Anonymous said...
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Paolinetta said...

Thank you for posting. It's a very nice object, but what is the differnce with an electric boiling water tool? I also drink a lto of tea and I heve three steps: put the water in into the electric thing, switch the button on, put the water into the teapot. Isn't the same as the .one tea kettle? said...

You have a good point. Though I think you can transfer this vessel directly to the table without needing a trivet underneath. And it has a more appealing form to want to keep out on the table. In the end, I really like it mostly for it's aesthetics. Thank you for your comment.