Tuesday, May 18, 2010

house doctor

: : my wonderful .mamma. (mom) always stays updated on design. Last week she came across .house doctor. a Danish Design company started by three siblings. Their recent catalog is a mix of furniture, home accessories, clothes and crafting materials. A whimsical, colorful, playful collection with inspirations from other cultures.

"Each year, House Doctor presents two collections: Everyday and Moments. Everyday is presented in January and contains new products as well as popular products from the existing range, while the Moments collection, presented in August, mainly consists of novelties and seasonal accessories."

I think I'm also going to become a dedicated follower of their .blog. which is packed with great inspiration. Enjoy!

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Faith | Digital Room said...

Count me in. I have just been a follower of House Doctor too. Thank you for your post because if not of this, I wouldn't know about them. ;)