Thursday, September 09, 2010

In the mood to redecorate

: : something about the beginning of fall always makes me want to redecorate. This year I'm in luck, since our Swedish friends are moving in down the street from us (tjohooo), and they really have no choice but to hire me as their personal decorator (for a small fee of meatballs and tube caviar).

The inspiration above comes from Swedish interior magazine .Elle Interiör. I want the colorful textile lamp cables, love that cool table and adore the 'acorn looking' seating puffs.


Fotograf Ida Linge said...

så vackre bilder, mycket inspirerende!

Linn said...

This "fee" is news to me.. but of course we'll pay! Meatballs cooking added to the schedule :)

Cant wait to get started decorating according to your expertise!

bubbles on my planet said...

great pics, i lke the atmosphere very much, and the seating puffs are just great! seem so warmy and comfy!

Chrystal - Adorn on a Shoestring said...

Congratulations! I have chosen you as the recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award! Go to to claim the award. :)


Marvin said...

Hi! I've viewed Elle Interiör site, and it was the first time that I actually saw some Sweden interior designs. They're all amazing, I must say. Thanks for sharing the link. My wife and I are doing a DIY. "Build your own home," my mom said when my wife and I are still living in my parents' house. We didn't want to buy 'coz we want something that's actually have a feeling of "ours". That's why we decided to do a DIY home. Construction area that we are arranging to build it is in a suburb area in Miami.

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Trey Hopson said...

Those designs are too relaxing! Reminds me of the time when we had renovated our house. We added a couple of new furniture and other designs such as chandeliers. Rooms were provided with air conditioners. Edmonton, as we all know is one of the hottest cities during summer season, so to keep us cool we decided to add more AC units.

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