Sunday, May 22, 2011

shelf-the right way

: : surfing for inspiration at .tant johanna's. I came across this photo. we have a low shelf along our green wall in the living room, I wish it looked more like this. I like the organization by color below leaving the top shelf for more decorative objects. and man, I'm so jealous of that floor. thanks .tant johanna.


Maya said...

Such a great way to display everything. I love how the books are organzied. It is clean, not cluttered and beautiful!

d r e w said...

a long line of shelves would be great. i am constantly changing my displays and this would be a great canvas for them!

Tant Johanna said...

Tack för länkningen!
Vilken fin blog du har, här kikar jag garanterat in fler gånger.
Kram tanten

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