Sunday, January 07, 2007

back in business

: : Happy New Years! I'm happy to be back! I had a wonderful vacation at home in Sweden with my family. But now it's time to update this blog. Following will be a mix of some of my design finds from Sweden and recent inspiration from the past couple of days.

Above are some photos from åhlens, a Swedish department store that has some truly wonderful Scandinavian design to offer. Not only Marimekko, but a whole isle of beautiful fabrics. If only I had had room for all the things I wanted to by. I would have bought yards of fabric to bring back with me.


My Marrakech said...

Oh those fabrics! So beautiful!

mimi k said...

oh- gorgeous fabrics!

susan said...

i think i could have gone a little crazy in that shop. wow! beautiful patterns!

jenny vorwaller said...

oh wow! i meant to comment on the top post waaay up there on your homepage (haha) but i read all the way down to here, what a great blog!

(i did a search for hannah louise lamb's jewelery, you posted abou ther a while back and that's how i found you!)

lovely. :)