Monday, April 30, 2007

swedish magazines online

: : ...... I was in heaven when a friend of mine directed me to a Swedish site .tidningar. where you can browse every page of every Swedish design magazine you could imagine....and many, many first I thought they uploaded every issue, but I couldn't understand how that could even be possible or legal for that matter. but it turns out it's a site to promote Swedish magazines that might be fairly unknown to some or hard to find. you can browse one full issue of each magazine, but that's it. and if you are interested in subscribing, they will direct you. it is still a wonderful place to be!! a great site.tidningar.

so go ahead...browse!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

karoline lenhult

: : these adorable patterns are designed by Swedish product designer .karoline lenhult. she's from my hometown of Lidköping. my mom sent me the latest issue of Swedish FORM magazine and in the package she had included an article from our local newspaper about .karoline. [Tack mamma!] Karoline is a mother of three, recent design graduate from HDK [Design School Göteborg], when she was decorating her own house she realized there wasn't a lot of fabrics that were fun for both kids and adults, so she decided to create some! her collection has just recently been released and is available through .ljungbergs textil.

: : for those in the know, her patterns have been inspired by famous characters such as .lilla snigel : :

Thursday, April 19, 2007


: : I'm off to Montreal for the weekend to visit my sister! au revoir
pic available here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

sven burman

: : check out Swedish illustrator and multi media artist .sven burman. and his work online. watch the woman's eyes for a while, you'll notice she's blinking.

laptop cases

: : my roommate .robin. was shopping for case for her new laptop a little while ago, and came across some cool laptop cases in her research that she wanted to share with the readers. maybe

cute stripes by .builtny. robin's choice. my favorite, of course, since it's orange...but ridiculously expensive. available at rushfaster. fabrix cases, handmade with great patterns.

Monday, April 16, 2007


: : ohh, just one last one... this is my absolute favorite so far. simply, beautiful! .antigirl.

more from antigirl

: : tiphanie [antigirl] also sent me some sneak peek photos of her most recent work, which will be up on her website very soon..... along with some pics of the actual creation of the pieces. can't wait to see the final work up on the site! thank you for sharing with us .tiphanie.


: : the biggest excitement of the day, an email from antigirl [tiphanie brooke] popped up in my inbox. I had been waiting for a reply and was so happy to hear back from her! I've blogged about her before. her work is absolutely beautiful! and finally today, I was able to purchase my very first piece, .flights of fancy.

it's gorgeous, and I can't wait to get it in the mail! I'm considering buying a few more. she has a great collection available right here on her website.

the second most exciting and inspiring thing today was watching all the marathon runners brave the rain and the wind to run their 26 miles....I think they are all heroes! they are incredible for putting themselves up for such a challenge. congratulations all whom completed the marathon! you inspire so many.

fjorn. scandinavian living

: : found happy surprises on my account today, my friend .maiya. had left me a few great new links. she took me to .fjorn. scandinavian living. a great place for authentic, classic Swedish and Norwegian pieces, both for your home and for yourself to wear. beautiful tablecloths from Ekelund, a Swedish wild horse candelabrum and cozy fleece blankets from Klippan. all of it available at .fjorn.

thank you mai. : : love : :

Thursday, April 12, 2007

felt lighting

: : beautiful felt lighting by .mary-ann williams. via .hemfeber.

lost city arts

: : found a great place for mid-century modern furniture, with work by every mid-century designer you can imagine, jacobssen, eames, mies...above a beautiful credenza by .george nelson. and a beautiful and incredibly practical table by .bruno mathsson. visit .lost city arts. online or in person if you're in New York City.

Friday, April 06, 2007

my dream desk

: : this is one of the most beautiful desks I've ever seen! from the norweigan design firm .norway says. who created the mica MP3 player which was all over design magazines this past year. these guys have put Norway on the design map. their website is well worth a visit.

...and I'm going to start putting away money right now for my dream desk! available at nova 68 for $ 2,250.

flamboyant Rococo at .the conran shop.

: : the other day I came across some beautiful desks at .the conran shop. Although I've always known of Sir Terence Conran, his work as a designer and his furniture chain Habitat [now owned by IKEA]. I wasn't aware that there was a "conran shop", and that it is available online in the US. I always think it's so hard to find modern, well designed yet unique furniture pieces in the US, I do wish these were a bit more affordable though.... I was still happy to discover .the conran shop. because I like almost all of their pieces !! And of course, this flamboyant Rococo style dresser stole my heart!

and for my two friends, .louise. and .maiya. who just became homeowners....maybe .the conran shop. is something for you to check out?

two colored aalto

: : you can find these beautiful two color .aalto. vases in .iittala's. 2007's .alvar aalto. collection. available through scandinavian details. I just found this site a few days ago and was so thrilled, they have all of my favorite products!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


: : .irene. at .bloesem. [ a wonderful place to be] reconnected me with my home town of Göteborg, Sweden the other day through her post about .lula. a multi-disciplinary art and design partnership based in Göteborg. Wonderful illustrations and graphics work.